Mini Vase V+B


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Beads not Bullets Bracelet

  The beads not bullets series is part of our effort to maintain more beads then bullets on earth.  This...

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Snow Flake

      Snow Flake by vanessa bunet and beau anderson .   7x1cm  on a silver chain.   Please email...

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Sage Fish

Sage Harlequin Fish many colorful scales , it will take three weeks after receiving your order plus shipping time...

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Night Flowers

                          5cm x 1cm b/w 104...

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From the time I receive your order it may take up to 3 weeks for the bead to arrive depending where on earth you...

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Intergalactic Map To Your Dreams


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Fountain of Love

  This bead is sold but I would be happy to make one just for you.  Yours will be better though!  With the...

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Lizard Rondell

                  Sage Lizard Disk ,two Lizards chasing each others...

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Beau bent bump Bead

Soft glass bent bead made out of cobalt, light transparent blue and opaque ivory. Etched. Dots and lines. L: 5.5...

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Love Angel

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Cosmic Butterfly

Implosion pendant made out of soft glass with butterfly murrini, twisted cane, dots and lines. L:2.5cm, W: 1 cm,...

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